Sunday, August 6, 2017

How To Improvise Abstract PAGES on a Handmade Journal: Stencils, Ink Sta...


Who wants to have fun during a few minutes?
Improvising without thinking is not always an easy thing to do, but the aim of these pages is just to have fun and not think. Enjoy!

Colors and more Supplies used in this video:
- Daler Rowney Watercolors
- Impellist Watercolors (pearl gold)
- Color & Co Lefranc & Bourgeois Gouaches Temperas (fluo pink & more... They are made for children at school)
- Glitter Poster Paints for children (in small jars)
- Fine Acrylic Lefranc & Bourgeois (primary yellow)
- Basics Acrylic Liquitex (deep violet)
- Golden Acrylics (interference blue)
- Neo Art Watersoluble wax pastels
- Oil Pastel Sennelier (pale gold #112 & pale pink Madder Lake #77)
- Omnya Color Fine Marker (yellow)
- TDK CD-R Pen (black)
- Japanese fluo Wax Pastels (name unknown, it's written in Japanese!)
- Markal Oil Paintstik (light green)
- Gelatos Faber-Castell (passion fruit, tangerine, pistachio)
- I used some Scented Kids Paints Craft Dab on the paper towel, they act like an ink and take some time to dry which allows to transfer the colors on several layers in the same time
- Fixatif for Pastel & Charcoal Gallery, to seal the watercolors here
- Glue used: Elmer's School Glue available at Target's but any PVA glue will be fine
- The circles stencil is a Traci Bautista's creation: "Circles Circles" and the little flowers stencil is named "Gigi Stencil". You can both find them at
- The Journal was handmade with some raw handmade watercolor paper for the cover and some drawing/painting slightly thick paper for the pages. Any paper which can support some waterbased paint will be fine
- My brushes are very old and some of them have no name anymore, but any brush working for stenciling will be fine, and find a simple thin brush which would work with watercolors and any watersoluble color. The hands are great too sometimes...


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