Thursday, May 22, 2014


I feel so sorry that I didn't write sooner on this blog.
It took basically the time for me to get the permission to stay in this country (USA). When it comes to the matter of my statute as a French girl lost in the middle of Eagle Rock Boulevard in Los Angeles, I don't think straight anymore. I barely remember my name! 
We never get used to these kinds of things, it goes against nature. I have this belief, like the Native Americans, that Earth belongs to everybody. I am not sure that this theory could actually work properly, but if only it could be true!

However, when it comes to the Internet, the international aspects appears more than obvious. I was watching on YouTube, videos made by this young artist Jennibellie. I started following her on Facebook and she checked on what I was doing. 
I precise that Jennibellie is English from England, United Kingdom, and she seemed interested in my Art. That is how, me, the Frenchic artist in L.A., born in Israel, had my Arts and Crafts shown on an American blog made by a British artist to the whole World.
Do you really think that the nationality or where we were born really matters in such a situation?
I always loved the British spirit, its eccentricity and creativity. Jennibellie, by her own way represents really well all what I love in this spirit made in UK.

You will find the photos as my interview here by following this link:

and I hope that you will take the opportunity to check on her Blog more generally, watch her videos as well, and discover all the beautiful things she has to offer. 

For me, it has been a huge honor to appear on her pages!

Beside the statute freak-out, I managed to paint on glass a little again, and I will certainly continue as I am obsessed with this technique,

I made a new batch of Matchboxes, these little things are always useful, and I can't help it, I need to glue stuff on things.

I am also planning to develop my technique of soap making, but in the meantime, you will find at Cuculapraline-Frenchic's these new Olivella Soaps, because we are never clean enough: 

Not only Lavender scented, but also Verbena, Pomegranate, or simply unscented.
We also have some hand-creams and shower gels.
These products are especially good for sensitive skins like mine, I tried them and I like them a lot! The hand creams are to die for!

If you are in our neighborhood, don't forget to come by for the next Artwalk on June 14th, we will be open until 9 pm for sure, maybe even later.
We will be celebrating the joy to continue our adventure here, and it would be a pleasure to celebrate it with you!

P.S.: This burlap little bag was made by an anonymous artist in London. The flower fabric was created by Cath Kidston.