Monday, April 30, 2012


I really hope you won't forget CUCULAPRALINE-FRENCHIC 
for the coming Mother's Day, 
I will show you how wide are the possibilities for gifts in our little shop, and much more is coming every day!

Firstly, of course, the Women Accessories are obvious, like these ones:
You will be celebrating the Mother-Diva, 
I am sure your mother will love this concept!

Unless you prefer celebrating Spring with bright and fresh yellow and orange colors?

You will find our vintage scarves, costume jewelry or even the travel cases to put these same treasures, in bright colors. 

You can also find India-style ideas like these ones :

The pendants are made by Louise Marler, and are presented in a box set, perfect for a present,
the scarves come from India and Tibet.

If your mother is more in the classy-classic style, here is what she needs :

The quilted bag was actually made in France, the brooches are vintage from the 50's for most of them, the floral purse is vintage as well, and the Crown leather bracelets are made my artisans-neighbors. 
These are the last remaining, we almost sold them all.

Or maybe your mother is more attracted to the Home Decor goodies? 
Here are a few suggestions:

 The frame is always an easy one, you can even tuck your photo inside. These Retro ones are made by Tracy Porter, the mosaic one is more funky and the gilded one, more conventional, you will find a few others in our store.

More ideas here:

 The coasters are always needed: from Morocco or Africa, the Japanese waste-basket, always convenient, we have different colors, and the tassels to hang everywhere! Who doesn't like them ? We received a whole bunch of them,

But your Mother is maybe a big fan of the vintage stuff?

So what would she think of the pale pink or golden yellow Depression Glass? Or maybe would she prefer a Florentine box or frame to hang?

You can also find Funkier vintage things like these ones:

A bright needlework with Roses or a daisies pillow, both from the 60's, 
salts and peppers in wood from Japan, 
or maybe blue Depression Glass for these cups and saucers and blue vases, Chinese or not, if blue is her passion?

Someone cute got lost in our shop:

 This little kitty on a Paint-by-Numbers from the 60's, vintage as well. 
We have, cats, dogs and horses, all vintage from the 50's or 60's,

Maybe your Mother prefers the handmade things? 
Here are a few examples:

My Collages of Marie-Antoinette are still waiting for you, some of them took the road via Etsy, thank you Etsy. You will find this French Queen on little frames, as on notebooks, offering a wide range of prices. 

The painted glasses can be used and washed every day preferably by hand, however the paint resists in the dishwasher as well, 
just avoid the microwave:

 The Tags with collages may be used as tags for presents, or as bookmarks, another possible little gift all by itself, and very affordable,

Or there are still these round cute things:

An adorned with flower ashtray (more to come), a crocheted "Cocarde" in brooch, a hand-painted shell, or a glass coaster with collages, here we have our yellow and orange again,

You will find other bits and bobs like these ones:

 The gorgeous exotic incenses, the marvelous mercury glass necklaces, the paper bells, we have not a lot remaining, the vintage matchboxes from France to light up the incense,

Or there is more:

The candles, hand-made or not, 
the golden eggs are remaining from Easter, the scented ones are to die for, 
and last & not least: 
David Strother's CDs playing violin, perfect if your mother loves music, 
they are very relaxing and cool, 
not really bits and bobs, but rather master pieces!
and of course, our usual little Tours Eiffel in gold, silver or bronze, the perfect little gift to remember Paris from where they actually come.

Just to let you know that Cuculapraline-Frenchic is a little metamorphosing these days, we are also becoming an Arts & Crafts studio, so a lot of handmade stuff will come very soon.
Our hours are: Tuesday to Saturday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, sometimes we are a little later still there. But also sometimes, a commissioned work forces us to work at the back or to deliver a client. 
So please, if you come from far and want to be sure to find us, don't hesitate to call us at (323) 202-0672 to make an appointment, if necessary.

Hope to see you soon, guys, there,
Take care, and don't forget to enjoy your life! :-)