Monday, July 8, 2013

I LOVE NOTEBOOKS and my Customers too!

I always had such a passion for Notebooks, that I manage to spread my disease on my customers! This one above is my last creation for an Etsy custom order. I even manage to reach people far away!

Not that I use so many Notebooks, most of my thoughts are in my mind, or on my computer, but the idea of what they are about to receive is kind of fascinating to me.
It is possible to find fabulous ones in India, or Tibet or Nepal, I especially love those which have a leather jacket. But I can't resist gluing papers and fabrics as much as I can on the less attractive ones. 

A few months ago, I had my "Marie-Antoinette Mania" and that is how this poor Queen appeared on several ones:

with her multicolored 
fabrics surrounding 


in the darkness 
of her History, 
smelling the rose,
even not guessing 
what was going
to happen to her

Sepia drawing 
for Marie-Antoinette
on a more neutral 
and nude background, 
the stenciled Fleurs de 
Lys are there to remind 
the Royalty...


       A sarcastic Decor for Marie-Antoinette here, 
the flower on the top left reminds us the "Cocarde" 
which was the symbol of the French Revolution, 
and the stripes are close to the ones worn by the 
people then, but still, we can see a Fleur de Lys 
stamped on each corner of the Notebook....

Here, Marie-Antoinette is kind 
of extravagant with a red dress 
in her flowery crazy decor!
We can admire the beauty 
of the chair, the throne 
I should say, behind her... 

This one makes me smile because the paper on the background comes from Cost Plus, but we can see the blue and the red which remind the French flag, after the Revolution. The fabric on the left, is a vintage one which could have existed at that period...


These Notebooks are one-of-a-kind, most of them have already been sold, I still have two remaining on my Etsy boutique, and in my "physical" shop, or I can customize one for you. 
The Notebook themselves come from France and have the typical French lines inside. I still have many big sizes to customize and only one small left, ready to be transformed.

I never make twice the same work, that is very difficult to me, and I think it is a good news, because each person will have a unique one.
Now, I will let Marie-Antoinette rest in peace, and I will explore soon new topics, as I did with this Compass on the first one.

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