Monday, October 29, 2012

We Never Have Enough Scarves!!!

At Cuculapraline-Frenchic's, we are crazy about Scarves, Shawls, Wraps, Pareos, Spreads, everything soft, cozy and beautiful
Any outfit will look gorgeous with a great Scarf to enhance it. I have been obsessed by Scarves since always, 
not only because my throat is fragile, and they avoid me
several cold during the year, 
but also because I love playing with the colors, and enjoy the result. 

 I am showing here our last kind of Leopard Printed Scarves.
This bright blue is amazing and very vivid. It is gorgeous with black, but also with white or gray.
Or beige...

The Brown one is amazing because it almost looks like suede with its very soft look. It fits with any other color, since it is a neutral.

The Hot Pink is really bright and makes your face glow.
It can be worn with some white, black, gray, beige. Even all the blues, or a complementary color like a green-ish can be interesting with it, purple could be great with it as well.

This one, is a kind of off-white, and is the most elegant color.
It fits with anything, you can even wear it on your shoulders as a wrap, the sheer fabric showing slightly them.

 The Purple one is maybe the most difficult to coordinate with another color, however, it looks amazing with a yellowish green. Always very elegant with a tan, a beige or a black.

I will finish with this peachy pink which is a classic too.
If you come to visit us, you will still find maybe our celadon one, and we are waiting for bigger and less sheer striped Scarves like this one below, and in other colors as well,

I just love, love, love it, so pleasant and soft to wear, warm if necessary, fresh if it is too warm, and so flattering to the face!
I hope you will share with me this LOVE for Scarves? :-)

P.S.: I will be repainting the front of my store soon.
In which color? It will be the surprise!
I will keep you posted! :-)   

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