Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yes, we are still alive !
We survived in spite of a son in Tokyo in the middle of the nightmare, a computer stolen in our boutique, just in front of us without even noticing it ! It is terrible how a whole activity depends on electricity and Internet, the "tax return phase" and how says its name, it returns every year... Troubles with my own electricity at home, with interviewers not in the right place at the right moment, a lot of mess and worries in two months, but the most important of all : yes, my son is safe and I could at least have him two weeks at home in L.A. !

However in the meantime, I managed to honor a commission work :

The Sunflower Shopper Bag with specifically wished colors, if you want to make a little special present for your friends, mother or simply for yourself, think of us, we can make that for you...

We also received a whole bunch of Taper Candles from Ohio, special, handmade with spices and fragrances, in the very primitive style, the perfect little present for a special evening :

We also have another fragrance now : lilac/lavender, amazing !

Of course, Cuculapraline-Frenchic wouldn't be what it is without a few vintage items, French or more widely, European :

 Lovely vintage porcelain Coffee Pot, graceful red/pink and white.
If you notice the piece of furniture, it came in, became white and was sold very quickly, more furniture to come...

Or maybe would you prefer a cup of tea ?

Or maybe English Bone China is not big enough for you and you 
would prefer Australian Mugs, like these ones ?

A little Milk with it ?

There always is some space for a small painted thing, like this pencil cup :

And of course, we also have the typical "bistro" Sorbet Dishes from Paris :

All this to tell you : join us on May 14th, we will have a special 80's night with a DJ and 80's Music, 
also 10% off every purchase, just ask for it when paying that day from 7 pm to 11 pm, we really hope to see you there !

Typical French 70's signs !

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