Monday, June 14, 2010

Art or Craft ?

Soon the pictures of our last Artwalk, I am gathering the different sources.

Recently I have been told that we couldn't mix Art and Craft, that Art needed to be watched without distraction, while Craft was a kind of distraction.

I was naive enough to think that we were far, far away from these has-been kinds of considerations and distinctions.
After all, Picasso used to make crafts, which became art, because it was made by Picasso, Klee used to make puppets in papier mache for his young son, which are now exhibited as art works, Matisse was wondering if paintings shouldn't be used in decoration, and I would have loved to see Rothko paint my own walls, since I love the blurry style.
And what should we say about the Andy Warhol' s screen printings ?
So, it seems we are still there, in that kind of distinction...
I thought that Art was where the sacred and the fun met, while showing the artist's thoughts and soul, without caring for the media employed ?
I must say that sometimes, I don't even know myself if I am doing art or craft !
Maybe it depends on the intention we put in our work ?
But sometimes also, I think I am just making craft and at the end, I find myself with a piece of art without understanding how it could happen !
In my store, a customer was watching one of my many scrapbooks, and told me it was a piece of Art. Actually, I would say it is a piece of me, but if it is artful, good for me !
And do we need to be a jerk to be an artist ?
I like happy art, does it mean I am not an artist ?
Whatever... I think art should make the artist feel better and happier, and that's what I feel when I work on my art, so who cares what people think ?
As long as we are happy, as we have the feeling to have made something necessary for ourselves, that's the most important, I believe.
An artist should be sincere and true to himself. He shouldn't follow trends just because it's cool.
Actually a true artist makes the trend without even noticing it.
I think art is everywhere, some people would just need to learn how to look at it more closely.
And I think a true artist should also learn tolerance towards the other kinds of expressions. After all, despising the other artists around, is the best way to close the doors forever...
That was my thought of the day.

By the way, I glued my wallpaper and it is exciting too !

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  1. Hello Yael,

    Thank you very much for stopping by and your kind words. I just looked at a few of your prior posts. I feel that the cliché “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is very true. Just because a person does not like a particular type of art, there is no need to disparage it. I agree with a lot of your statements in this post. I bet your June Artwalk was fun and a huge hit. You have a very interesting shop! As I scrolled through the pictures, I saw a few things that really caught my attention. The dog lamp is too cute as are the pillows in Etageres24. I love the basket bags. The Balinese umbrella in front of your shop is gorgeous!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    ~ Tracy