Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hello Guys,
We have seen the arrival of very original, almost weirdo things in our Store, but you know how we like the one-of-a-kind special things

Like this Chair for example, I should say this "High Chair" since the back is so high, I would perfectly imagine it in an old English castle. It needs a few small repairs, and a good fabric cleaning, someone maybe will re-upholster it with a newer fabric, but so far, we will live with it, just like that. A nice find made by our friend Craig Casey.

And what do you say of this funny Dog Lamp ?
What do you think of this incredible crumpled lampshade ? I think I have never seen something so ridiculous, but I absolutely LOVE it, it is sooooooo cute. A find from Japan.

Then, I had to prepare my sign for our last Artwalk.

I painted it under the sun, I burnt a little but, voila ! Here is the result :

Then, we prepared our Buffet, as you can see, Laszlo seems to appreciate it a lot !

And I send you a few picks of the store itself :

We brought new Basket bags also, the exotic one, the poetic one and the secret one :

We found a new Lamp in the very 60's-70's style, look at it :

Finally, I couldn't prevent myself to put a touch of Recycling in our new window installation :

More precisely, this :

And what would be these days, without a few white flowers given by my younger son for Mother's Day ?
I precise my elder one, who is in Tokyo, found the way to call me in spite of the difference of time.
So here are the flowers, cute isn't it ?


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