Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The News at Cuculapraline-Frenchic' s, 
Valentine Day is coming 
and we have for sure a passion about the making :
another kind of Love.

We have spent a lot of time repairing and restoring old chairs that we have pulled out of our warehouse, we thought it was time for them to live their life and see the sky and the sun, even if the weather was not top-notch all the time...

Nothing can be done without some elbow grease, and they are far from being finished, you will follow the different steps soon. 
Other chairs, very different ones, are on their way for a new life too.

We also have been in the process to rewire French Lamps in the American mode, that is not our usual job, but we are learning fast! :-)
However, it happened that we found ourselves with quirky results like this one : not a French one, it is Japanese, but impossible to find the right bulb for this unbelievable lampshade!

Our Marie-Antoinettes had a lot of success on the notebooks especially, so if you are interested, come fast because we have only 4 remaining. There are still our tiny collages on canvas like this one. Can you believe how beautiful this young lady could be ?

In the vintage field, we are a little less "Porcelain Cups and Saucers", almost all gone, and more "wrought iron and primitive items in wood 
like these ones :

Love doesn't start in a wrought iron cage for sure, but it can end up with a baby who loves wooden primitive rocking horses!

And at Cuculapraline-Frenchic's there is always a space for soft and fabric items :

 Why Be Normal ? That was for Cuculapraline-Frenchic for sure, I'm less convinced by the Diva thing, but my customers will love that since Hollywood is not far!

Always a space for an exotic Shawl 
and some ribbon embroideries...

And just to let you know, all these tassels below are gone, but we just received a whole bunch of new ones, even more beautiful, with a wider range of sizes and colors.

Our Arts and Crafts Workshops are around the corner, I know we've been talking about them since a while, but we are closer and closer to start them. So if you want to learn all kinds of paintings, collaging, paper mache-ing and mosaic-ing, contact us or come by to talk about it. Your inputs are of course welcome.

 Wondering how we do that ? 
This will be taught in our workshops. This is decoupages on cardboard, but there is a little secret here...

 Start collecting all kinds of paper, personally, I am addicted to all the brown papers, they are so versatile, rich, amazing! 
Be prepared to transform your home in a junk of papers! That is the full Art life!

 This is the traditional painting on wood, 
a work in progress.

 Painting on Glass is so fun! Interested ? We do teach that too.
The paint stays on the glass even once washed, it lasts forever and ever. 

You can make some decoupage on glass too, I will show you this as well.

Don't forget,
we are at 4704 Eagle Rock Boulevard
in Los Angeles, CA 90041 USA

On next Saturday, February 11th, 2012 
from 7 to 10 pm
Our favorite DJ Ron Kane also named :
"Doma Beer Market"
will amuse us with the dealer's choice of Music, what means that he is the one who chooses the Music.

You can be sure to be at the right place, if you see our Bohemian fabric from far :

After all, my ancestors came from Bohemia!
So Romantic too...
Let's hope we'll have a warm weather...

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