Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Christmas is enchanting and always gives me new ideas. The rather cool weather completely changes the perception of things, as the taste in matter of colors. We think more of old velvet, rich fabrics, warm colors to keep us warm, and fuzzy things.
I come from a country where most people don't show much interest in Marie-Antoinette (our ex-Queen). But since I've been in Los Angeles, I only heard about her, and I like it, because I must admit I always had kind of a curiosity towards this person. She was exceptionally beautiful, it is the least we can say, and every portrait I see of her is more amazingly made than the other, revealing each time more and more beauty. She was a mother too and in spite of her frivolity, a really true mother. She had a very interesting personality.
You will find her on my new Notebooks, I called this work with my Queen "The Marie-Antoinette-Mania"

 While I was in my "Marie Antoinette" crisis, I continued my collage work on small canvas. Isn't it a wonderful gift to offer for Christmas ? A unique collage, a one-of-a-kind, handmade, inspired, to hang on a wall and on the top of it, for a very affordable price ? Art must be reachable to anybody and for anybody.
Here are a few of them,

But we must not forget CHRISTMAS and its traditional decor. While I love the vintage ornaments, the kitsch ones make me smile every time. It is not forbidden to use a mix of them...
These stars don't look vintage, but they are, and they come from France

 Above, I love the faded red bells
Below, we always need more ribbons for Christmas presents

It also is not forbidden to add stuff from other designers in the mix

Other sorts of vintage French ornaments below, the white balls look like coconuts candies

These Christmas balls, above and below are more vintage and from the US, probably from the 50's

I always loved the embroideries made with ribbons, these are little Christmas cushions that you can hang on your tree or use for your sewing pins.

 At Cuculapraline-Frenchic's there always is a small space for the Kitsch stuff, how not to fall in love with these reindeers felted coasters? So cute!

And here are below my little Santas and Trees to attach everywhere, on clothes, on a present, on a bag, on a hat, on a card. A tiny thing to remember a wonderful moment,

Cuculapraline is mostly about Home decor and goodies, like our French large dish clothes below already washed to be softer,

 I painted a bunch of glasses, perfume sprays, vases and more, they are each one-of-a-kind,

 The shells, always, I make them every time I can, they may contain anything you want,

The tassels to hang anywhere, a nice and also very affordable gift,

 Here are a few old oil paintings on silk, not mine, from the 90's from France, you can also see my one-of-a-kind bookmarks,

And to finish, my bits and bobs - women accessories, 
like these tiny boxes to contain a small jewel, the packaging is as important as the object inside

 Louise Marler's goodies above, perfect presents for Christmas, some of them are already in their box, and below the vintage brooches, French, English, American, wherever I am, I always search for the beautiful but affordable ones, most of them are from the 50's,

I hope to see you soon in my store, please feel free to contact me for the hours, my schedule was kind of upside-down lately, and in winter time, the hours are a little changed. 
I also need to find some space and time in my days to make new creations and eccentricities for you!
And for those who are interested in Arts and Crafts workshops, please call me at (323) 202-0672

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