Wednesday, July 8, 2020


When we all ended up in lock down, we had no idea how long it was going to last. It was hard not to see you all anymore, not to simply walk in the street just to go to the post office. But my carrier came every day at my door to pick up the packages, and I thought how brave are these people outside who are doing the jobs we all need, we couldn't even live and function without them: doctors, nurses, medical professionals of all kinds, carriers, delivery men, teachers, pharmacists, employees in the grocery stores, and I probably forget many of them, how these people were brave enough, nice enough, strong enough to help us in our every daily actions and needs.

I felt very lonely and in the same time, amazed by my carrier, I knew him way before, but suddenly, he became like this incredible hero knocking at my door.
I couldn't visit my son anymore, but was sharing an every day hello and little chat with someone who was almost a stranger for me before. Strange world...

People adapt. No more workshops in my place, but workshop-like conversations over the phone, some older people don't use Internet, so we end up trying to create something over the phone. If someone had told me this situation before the pandemic, I wouldn't have believed it.

On the other hand, online orders multiplied, increased by a very spectacular way. Suddenly, objects replaced humans, I was surrounded by objects to list online or to pack. I was frenetically working like if the whole US economy was depending on me, I remember one day when I advised myself to calm down, because maybe I wouldn't die of the Corona Virus, but I could have a heart attack if I was continuing like this. I learned how to be a little more gentle to myself.

Also, I couldn't even get some interest in anything frivolous, like if I was not allowed to, in these circumstances when there is so much suffering and disarray. But in the same time, is not my business about showing beautiful things to buy? Things which are vintage, which had a long life, which are unique and still beautiful, this beauty, doesn't it make us feel good? Aren't we allowed to feel better just a few minutes, precisely because of this suffering and disarray?

We are not out of it, but we start having a kind of routine still in this Covid period. Nothing is over, we get some bad news every day, I miss my sons, my older was supposed to come to visit me in June... Oops, fail... It makes me horribly sad to be apart from my sons like that, but we have to be patient and not forbid ourselves to appreciate beauty, art, or more, anything which makes us feel good during a few minutes or maybe hours, hopefully days.

Stay strong, stay safe, be careful, don't forget you mask, the distancing and wash your hands as much as possible. Simple things which can change it all. Let's be responsible.

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