Monday, August 21, 2017

Tutorial: STAMPING w/ Stencils & Paper Towels, Hit & Miss, Experimentation


Hands in the paint, really!

How not to be fascinated by paint marks on paper or even on fabric. Experimenting is something that I do daily in my Art as in my Craft. There is nothing more enjoyable than playing, the hands in the paint. But it is not very obvious to have the hands in the paints and on the camera in the same time! :-)
In this video, I am trying to convey this excitement we feel when we are trying something new, unknown, and about to succeed. Making mistakes is the best way to learn. Even as an ex-arts and crafts teacher and author of an arts & crafts book, I make mistakes every day, and it's good, because I am learning from them every day.
Conclusion: be happy to start and make mistakes, because this is will be the great beginning of your creative journey.

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