Friday, June 13, 2014

Playing the Arts & Crafts Newbie again with Jennibellie

Lately, I've been thinking that it was more than time for me to make some Arts and Crafts items again. Managing a business means a lot of paper works and administration to do, and while that is necessary, especially when we are coming from another country, since some immigration issues are involved, I think there is a time when we must remember what is our purpose in life.
Certainly not filling papers and documents! At least for me!

Cuculapraline-Frenchic will gather soon more handmade items, because the one-of-a-kind things can't be found at Target or Forever 21! Even if there is nothing wrong with Target and Forever 21, I actually love them!
But chiefly, because it's so much more fun! To make, to look at, to sell and to buy.

To warm me up, I decided to attend an online workshop, forgetting all what I know, ignoring that I've been a craft teacher during so many years, and starting from scratch. We always learn something, even when we know a lot. Because it is impossible to know everything. 
In France, we say, there is nothing new under the sun. Actually for me, there is always something new under the sun. Every day.

With Jennibellie, I learned how to create a journal with just one wide piece of paper. Believe it or not, I didn't know how to do that, and I learned:

This is the first step, one sheet of paper covered with all the papers, stamps, stencils that I love the most. This photo has been taken at night, that is why the colors are darker and so yellowed.

Defining the pages. It is interesting to see how a simple line can put the focus on a specific area that we don't see by the same way as we were seeing the whole picture.

Once the piece of paper is folded, we have this small journal, so cute. Its theme is about learning and creating. The painting of my former mentor Joy de Rohan Chabot was made with gouaches on another piece of paper, cut and glued on the journal. 
I think that I did put too much mascara on Joy's eyes! :-)
I am showing here unfinished pages, because then, comes the work of drawing more, painting more, writing, embellishing, closing, loving and making this journal my own. 

These are the unfinished pages. More work is to come that I, of course, will share with you when they are done.

If you are interested in learning this technique which is not mine, you can go to the Inspiration Station page here:

Follow well all the steps starting from the beginning to the end. It is better if you want to understand completely the technique.

I will share with you my own projects and techniques soon, but this was a fun workshop to warm my hands up before having them dirty with more paint and more glue.

More details to come and enjoy!

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